Chic-i Tiki

Birthday Party

When Sarah Neal, owner of Catalina Neal Floral + Design told me all she wanted for her birthday was a tiki inspired celebration with delicious cocktails flowing, I jumped for joy! We were excited to take “tiki” in a clean and chic direction, and away from the retro style seen so often. From there “chic-i tiki” was born. Brick & Laurel was the perfect blank canvas to build out from. Playing off the concrete, brick, and woods, I kept the primary color palette in neutrals of creams, tans, and whites. From there lush tropic greens, ocean blues, and subtle pops of peachy oranges (reminiscent of a Polynesian sunset) came into play. Sarah took the bar and dance floor design to the next level by creating the illusion of being outdoors in an indoor space. Each greenery installations floated effortlessly overhead, evoking the feeling that you had been transported straight into a jungle! Backup Backdrops worked with us in creating a custom shadow box that was then filled with a variety of big leafy palms. This statement piece really evoked the idea we were living one amazing tropic dream! With lounge vignettes in every corner, greenery installations overhead, a lavish food spread, and a one-of-a-kind bar experience with the most refreshing libations, it was time to get the party started! Every collaborator involved in this day brought their A-game to the table & Aubree Lynn did an incredible job capturing all of the details beautifully.


Photography by Aubree Lynn